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Peradon King 3 quarter cue  

Peradon King 3 quarter cue

The Peradon King 3/4 snooker cue is hand made from ebony and the butt is adorned with a further four secondary splices of Olive wood. The shaft is high quality ash from North America. Supplied with a matching Olive wood mini butt. The cue is jointed 16" from butt end and benefits from a polished brass joint and ferrule, the joint further benefits from the excellent Peradon 'Quick-action' joint - one of the most solid and robust quick-release joints available on the market.



  • Length: 147cm (58") in length
  • Joint: 41cm (16")
  • Tip size: 9.5mm
  • Mini Butt: Supplied
  • Cue Tip: Elkmaster
  • Weight: Select from medium or heavy

Our Price: £285.00