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Table Care:

The Snooker Room
Room temperature - Playing speed of a wool snooker cloth is reduced by dampness whilst humid conditions tend to lessen the effects of both screw and side on the bed of the table.
It is important to avoid extreme variations in temperature and maintain the snooker room at a constant - not less than 60°F / 15°C.

A build-up of dust will eventually affect the playing performance of a napped cloth. Therefore, always keep the table covered when not in use, preferably with a waterproof dust cover.
Vacuum the room daily. All dusting of tables and shades should be completed before the cover is removed.

Maintenance accessories
Dust covers, irons, brushes and other specialised table maintenance accessories should be part of your equipment checklist.

Simple care and regular maintenance can extend optimum playing performance and cloth wear.
The following tips on brushing and ironing in particular are designed to avoid unnecessary damage to the wool fibres or disturbing the precise directional finish of the nap - which must always run from baulk to spot

Regular daily brushing is essential to remove dust and chalk particles in the cloth as
well as to re-establish the nap direction set within the cloth.
Always brush in straight lines in the direction of the nap (from baulk line to the spot) - never against or across - otherwise the direction of the nap will be lost and the wool fibres will eventually bunch together, an effect known as pilling.
Use a soft bristle brush, Do not brush too heavily or use a brush with stiff bristles as this may damage the fibres.
Carefully brush any surface dirt to the end cushion and remove by a small suction cleaner. The occasional use of a suction cleaner before brushing is recommended, again always in the direction of the nap.

Occasional dry ironing in the direction of the nap - only after brushing - is desirable as it makes the cloth play faster. Frequency depends on table usage and room temperature but typically weekly in warm/dry conditions and twice weekly in cold/damp conditions.
Before ironing the cloth must be clean and well brushed so that the fibres are laid in the direction of the nap. Otherwise any marks that are not removed during brushing will be 'set in5 when the cloth is ironed.
The iron must also be clean and should be tested for heat on a sheet of newspaper. If there is the slightest scorch on the paper, allow the iron to cool before being used. Never iron the cushions or even let the tip of the iron touch the cushion, Regular brushing is all that is required.

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